Real estate facts for Neuchâtel
  • Population (2019) 44,588
  • Population growth (2010-2019) 1.8 %
  • Median house price CHF 5,897/m²
  • Median apartment price CHF 7,436/m²
  • Median rent CHF 20.26/m²
Quick facts for Neuchâtel
Neuchâtel or Neuchatel (UK: , US: , French: [nøʃɑtɛl] (listen); Arpitan: Nôchâtél; both from Old French: neu(f) "new" and chatel "castle"; German: Neuenburg [ˈnɔʏənˌbʊrɡ] (listen); Romansh: Neuchâtel or Neufchâtel; outdated Italian: Neocastello or Castelnuovo) is a town, a municipality, and the capital of the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel on Lake Neuchâtel. The city has approximately 45,000 inhabitants (80,000 in the metropolitan area). The city is sometimes referred to historically by the German... Wikipedia
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