Real estate facts for the Canton Nidwalden
  • Median house price CHF 9,160/m²
  • Median apartment price CHF 8,108/m²
  • Median rent CHF 20.38/m²
Quick facts for Canton Nidwalden
Nidwalden, also Nidwald (German: (Kanton) Nidwalden, [ˈnidˌvaldən] (listen)) is one of the 26 cantons forming the Swiss Confederation. It is composed of eleven municipalities and the seat of the government and parliament is in Stans. It is traditionally considered a "half-canton", the other half being Obwalden. Nidwalden lies in Central Switzerland. It borders the canton of Obwalden to the west, the cantons of Lucerne and Schwyz to the north, the canton of Uri to the east and the canton of B... Wikipedia
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