Real estate facts for the Canton Grisons
  • Median house price CHF 4,700/m²
  • Median apartment price CHF 8,744/m²
  • Median rent CHF 19.90/m²
Quick facts for Canton Grisons
The Grisons, Graubünden or Grigioni, more formally the Canton of the Grisons or the Canton of Graubünden, is one of the twenty-six cantons of Switzerland. It has eleven regions, and its capital is Chur. The German name of the canton, Graubünden, translates as the "Grey Leagues", referring to the canton's origin in three local alliances, the Three Leagues. The other native names (Grischun in Rumantsch Grischun and Grigioni in Italian) also refer to the Grey League. The Alpine ibex is the cant... Wikipedia
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